New Brand, Who Dis? Searching for Authenticity in My Small Business.

What is authenticity? This question is one that has been wearing me down for months. I’m trying too hard, I’m not attracting clients, I’m not being myself. When I started APCo. (essentially out of thin air without any forethought), I was eager to break into the elite stationery circle. I wanted to DO ALL THE THINGS, OFFER ALL THE SERVICES, etc. etc. I hit the ground running and I’ve been running since. What I didn’t realize was that I wasn’t doing it authentically. Eventually, this inauthentic vibe would overpower me and I felt like giving up.

I bought a template from With Grace & Gold–a stunning site design. I customized my new site, created logos and branding elements that I thought would attract my ideal client. Who was she actually? Because I don’t know her. I tried to post on Insta with all the hashtags, I tried but every day and with every client I felt like something was off. The vibes were NOT immaculate, and I knew something needed to shift at some point. I knew I was trying too hard to attract clients that weren’t totally aligned with how I wanted my business to run and how I wanted to serve engaged couples.

Nevermind the fact that I have about 800 full-time jobs because I overextend myself and want to be everything to everyone all. the. time. (big enneagram two energy). In reality, I wasn’t running my business as a genuine representation my authentic self. I’ve changed, grown, evolved, and developed in so many ways over the past two years. I really wanted to dig deep to figure out the why behind my business and start attracting clients that share my vibe, aesthetic, who trust my process and professional insight.

as authentic as Gilmore Girls in the fall

Fast forward to now (September of 2022, for the timeline-obsessed), and I’ve realized how much I value sincerity, thoughtfulness, and intention. So when I began to think about how to show up for myself in my business, things started to click. I have more experience in the industry, I have established relationships with partners necessary for my business success. I am using colors, fonts, and images on my NEW SITE that resonate with my soul because I can and because I want to. This template, y’all. I could rave about The Buffalo Collective endlessly.

I don’t have to post to Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, WeChat, Reddit, etc. to show up for my business. This is so inauthentic to me as a person, and wasn’t how I wanted to represent my services. To find couples who want to work with me, I can’t try too hard, and that’s what I’ve been doing. I never wanted to blog before, but listen, I’m fired. up.

how people probably react when they see small business owners trying too hard

I hope you stick around and I can’t wait for you to explore the new site! I’ve popped in some new (I have a whole ass shop, y’all!) along with my re-vamped, easier to understand packages and pricing. In the coming days, I’ll share more about the refreshed branding, colors, and vibe, and regularly posting blogs with irrelevant gifs because that makes me about as happy as sitting by the pool with a cooler full of white claws.

Even if you don’t want custom wedding invitations right this minute, I hope to at least win you over so you think of me the next time your “best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend knows this guy who knows this kid who’s going with the girl” who just got engaged.

P.S. serious bonus points if you know what movie that quote is from–first one to email it to me wins 🙂

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