I love nothing more than designing a suite you'll fall in love with, almost like falling in love with your person all over again. Your wedding invitations are the first impression your guests will have of your big event and I want to help you set the tone and provide a sneak peek of what to expect.

No matter which package you feel is right for you, you are guaranteed great design, thoughtful service, and luxury to match your wedding vibe and aesthetic.

Let's get the ball rolling.

More About APCo

And beautiful typefaces. And golden hour. And I have too many notebooks that will never be used. APCo. was born unofficially in 2014 when I designed my own wedding invites with my husband, Matt. I've always had a thing for design and with my trained industrial designer-husband, I make invitation dreams come true.

APCo. was born in 2020 and has been lovingly crafting custom wedding invitations for couples across the country.

Put simply, I love paper.

This is afterglow paper co

Custom Invitation Pricing

I could ramble about how important wedding invitations are for setting the tone of the day, communicating the vibe, and what to expect--but they can be SO much more than that. Afterglow Paper Co. ensures your wedding invites are an experience.

No basic invites here. No flimsy papers, no low-quality images or printing. This is the real deal, and I can't wait to share my love of the invitation experience with you and yours.

Why invites should matter to you too.

I'm a visual person

I would say I'm a work-a-holic, but it's more like I enjoy the process that comes from doing what I do, and I do have a few jobs that keep me on my toes:

Mom. Nurse. Professional Student. Designer. Wife.

work work work
work work

When I have legit free time, you can find me at a bookstore, not because I'm going to buy the books, but because I love the feeling of being surrounded by so much that I can learn. 

You might also find me at one of Richmond's breweries, because I'm an IPA girl, unapologetically.

Breweries and bookstores.

Those rare times I find myself with more time than I'm used to, I'm usually trying to convince my husband to join me for a music festival, or live music, or literally just any excuse to leave the house and do something exciting and novel. I'm all about the spontaneous adventure.

Music festivals and new adventures.

Staying present with my family is super important, and I can't imagine my life without those who are closest to me, blood or otherwise. Every moment is an opportunity to enjoy and bond and laugh and play and sing badly and make memories. No matter what.

Family time is all the time.

I lean fairly classic in my design work, with typography-forward aesthetics and minimal, clean vibes. I design my suites starting with the stack--the way each piece is layered for the best impact coming out of the envelope.

Clean lines and beautiful design.

what am i passionate about?

what to expect


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