noun 1. light or radiance remaining in the sky after the sun has set. 2. good feelings remaining after a pleasurable or successful experience.

you have so many special moments ahead with memories that will last a lifetime. let me join you on your journey to work alongside you and your beloved to craft the perfect invitation for your perfect day. 

meet me in the afterglow...

Full attention to your vision intertwined with an aesthetic that reflects your authentic love story. We'll work together to craft your perfect invites that will wow your guests and serve as the best possible first impression for your wedding day.

What you can expect while working with us...

The Experience

I could ramble about how important wedding invitations are for setting the tone of the day, communicating the vibe, and what to expect--but they can be SO much more than that. Afterglow Paper Co. ensures your wedding invites are an experience.

No basic invites here. No flimsy papers, no low-quality images or printing. This is the real deal, and I can't wait to share my love of the invitation experience with you and yours.

Crafted with Purpose, soul, and story.

lovers of all things

Our Story

You love making a strong first impression because you know you only get one of those

You want completely bespoke wedding invitations that no one else will have

You have a budget to support custom work or elevated semi-custom (with plenty of options)

You might have an aesthetic in mind and are comfortable trusting your wedding pros

I know we'll be a
perfect fit if...

"The invites were gorgeous, but the experience made us feel loved. Grace gave us something we didn't even know we needed. Forever thank you."

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meet me in the afterglow


Join the party (the super chill, like twice-a-month-type party) to hear about new collection releases, learn a little something about wedding and design, & get 10% off your first purchase (because who doesn't love a bit of a deal?).

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